90 Day Challenge

90mcpageThe 90 Day Challenge is designed to get you moving every day. Often times, we over-emphasize exactly how much exercise we get each day. Whereas how much exercise you get does matter, and surely will reward you in terms of fitness improvements, it is even more important to focus on sustaining physical activity each and every day.

Our challenge to you to move a mile a day!

You can do more–and are encouraged to do so!–but we’re looking for participants to log in a minimum of one mile a day (or 20 minutes of any sustained physical activity).

As an added bonus, participants get the chance to take advantage of the beautiful state parks in New Hampshire. Within a week of registering for the Challenge online, you will receive a Challenge passport in an email to you. Bring your passport with you and a valid personal identification for free admission! (Some exclusions apply; see them on the passport)


The 2016 Challenge runs from June 1 to August 31! Register below!